Question: Which Countries Can Pakistani Visit Without Visa?

Visa Not Required for Pakistani Passport Holders

  • Cook Islands.
  • Dominica.
  • Gambia.
  • Haiti.
  • Micronesia.

How many countries give E visa for Pakistan?

Nationals of Pakistan can obtain an electronic travel visa authorization to visit approximately 30 countries for short stays.

Which country is easy to get visit visa from Pakistan?

The Maldives is the best tourist destination and it deals the Pakistani travelers with good and fair manners. Applicants are offered visit visa of Maldives easily without any disturbance unless the application is submitted without any flaws. Maldives offer freeVisa to Pakistani Citizens.

Is UK flights open for Pakistan?

Domestic flight operations have restarted at all airports in Pakistan. Pakistan will accept the UK’s proof of vaccination certificate. Your NHS appointment card from vaccination centres is not designed to be used as proof of vaccination and should not be used to demonstrate your vaccine status.

Which country does not accept Pakistan passport?

The following country does not allow visa-free access to Pakistanis and has imposed entry restrictions on Pakistani passport holders: Libya.

Which passport is the strongest?

Japan and Singapore have the world’s most powerful passports, according to the Henley Passport Index. Holders of these passports are able to enter 192 countries without a visa. South Korea and Germany followed next, with visa-free travel to 190 jurisdictions.

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Do Saudi need visa to Pakistan?

Holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia need visa for visiting Pakistan. Visas cannot be issued to third country nationals, not in possession of the resident/work permit of Saudi Arabia.

Can Pakistani go to Turkey without visa?

Pakistan: Official passport holders are exempted from visa for their travels to Turkey up to 90 days. Ordinary passport holders are required to have visa to enter Turkey. Diplomatic passport holders are exempted from visa for their official or touristic visits up to 90 days in any 180 day period.

How strong is Pakistani passport?

301 Shares The Henley Passport Index (HPI) — an annual global ranking of countries according to the travel freedom of their citizens – placed the Pakistani passport at #102 in its 2019 list of most and least powerful passports of the world list.

Which country is best for immigration from Pakistan?

These 5 Countries Easily Take Immigrants from Pakistan

  • 1 – Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian visa is by far the easiest visa to get for Pakistani nationals.
  • 2 – The United Arab Emirates.
  • 3 – Canada.
  • 4 – United States of America.
  • 5 – Norway.

Is Pakistan a poor country?

Pakistan is among the poorest nations in the world. The Human Development Index ranks Pakistan 147th out of 188 countries for 2016. According to several reports, there are a number of reasons why Pakistan is poor, even though it is rich in resources and has the potential to grow.

Is Pakistan safer than India?

Aside from a few areas, listed below, traveling in Pakistan is no more dangerous than traveling in neighboring India, and for women, Pakistan is actually safer than India.

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Is Pakistan safe?

If you want to travel to Pakistan, Pakistan is currently safe for travelers of all genders. There are still security issues in more remote areas of the country, but after years of struggle with violence and terrorism, many places in Pakistan are now safe for locals and foreigners alike.

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