Quick Answer: How To Transfer H1b Visa From One Company To Another?

To transfer an H1B visa to another employer, the employee must first file an LCA, i.e., a Labor Condition Application. Secondly, they should gather all necessary documents (mentioned below), complete Form I-129, the USCIS petition letter. Finally, the petition letter is to be filed with the USCIS.

Can we transfer H1B visa from one company to another?

H1B Visa “Portability” H1B visas cannot be transferred from one employer to another. Instead, your new employer submits a new H1B petition for you.

Can we transfer H1B visa from one company to another in India?

Yes H1-B VISA Transfer Possible while staying in India, But Candidate must hold Approved H1-B VISA and Any US employer can Transfer H1-B in CAP Exempt.

How do I transfer H-1B petition from one company to another?

How to transfer H-1B visas. The H-1B transfer procedure does not actually involve any transfer. For a job change, you’ll need to file a new H-1B visa petition and go through the entire process. (Actually, it’s your new employer, acting as your sponsor, that files your application).

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How long does it take to transfer H-1B from one company to another?

The processing time for the H1B transfer documents is dependent on the method of processing. The processing time of a H1B visa transfer takes 1 to 4 months to process under a regular procedure and 15 to 30 days for premium processing. The answer from USCIS might be positive or negative.

How much does it cost for H1B Transfer?

What are the correct filing fees? The new employer has to pay the following filing fees for the H-1B transfer petition: $460 (base filing fee), $500 (fraud detection), and $1,500 (employer sponsorship fee for companies with more than 25 employees). Thus, the total fee for this H-1B transfer is $2,460.

Will my employer know if I transfer my H1B?

A: You don’t have to tell your current employer, and there is no way for them to know about this transfer from any government agency, such as USCIS, DOL, etc. However, be careful of your colleagues with whom you might have discussed about this, and consider whether they may tell your employer.

What will happen if H1B transfer is denied?

If your H1B transfer is denied, you will have a grace period to find alternative employment or transfer to another visa status. Once your transfer is denied, you can remain in the U.S. until the departure date listed on your I-94 arrival/departure card.

What documents are required for H1B Transfer?

H1B Transfer Documents

  • U.S. visa, and, in certain cases, Forms I-797 and I-94.
  • Employee resume.
  • Pay stubs to prove employment status (or a letter from the employer)
  • University degree and transcript.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Academic evaluation.
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Can I work for 2 employers on H1B?

Conclusion. All too common misconception about H1B’s is that an H1B holder can only work for one employer at one time. In fact, those valid H1B status are eligible to work for multiple H1B employers as long as the additional employer(s) are willing to file a Concurrent H1B petition on their behalf.

Is resume required for H1B Transfer?

Required Documentation for an H1B Visa Transfer Employees should also submit a resume, evidence of university degree or transcripts, an academic evaluation, a letter of recommendation and either pay stubs, letter from an employer or a letter stating a leave of absence.

How long does it take for H1B Transfer Premium Processing?

H1B Premium processing costs $2500 and you can get approval within 1-15 days. USCIS will refund the premium fees if they cannot process it in 15 calendar days including weekends. Regular H1B application takes more than 3 months to get approval.

Can H1B transfer without Paystubs?

It is possible to do a change of employer without pay check stubs. As you stated, you can use the bank statements, but also use your form W-2.

Can I work while H-1B transfer is pending?

Since you are transferring your H-1B to a new employer, you can legally begin working for the new employer once the case is filed. The receipt notice has been issued so you can leave your current employer at any time.

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