Quick Answer: Who Can Apply For Eb3 Visa?

The EB-3 Visa is a Third Priority Worker visa available for skilled workers; professionals who hold a bachelor’s degree and eventually other unskilled workers. To be eligible, you must hold a baccalaureate degree or at least 2 years of training or working experience.

Who can file EB-3?

Employment-Based Immigration: Third Preference EB-3. You may be eligible for this immigrant visa preference category if you are a skilled worker, professional, or other worker. “Skilled workers” are persons whose jobs require a minimum of 2 years training or experience, not of a temporary or seasonal nature.

Who falls EB-3 category?

EB-3 is a visa preference category for United States employment-based permanent residency. It is intended for “skilled workers”, “professionals”, and “other workers”. Those are prospective immigrants who don’t qualify for the EB-1 or EB-2 preferences.

How hard is it to get an EB3 visa?

On average, it takes six months to process Form I-140. If the US government requires that you go through PERM Labor Certification, it can take longer. In some cases, it can take up to two years. The good news is, you can speed up the process with premium processing.

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How do I get EB-3?

How to Apply for the EB3 Visa?

  1. Getting the labor certification.
  2. Filing the petition.
  3. File Form DS-261, Choice of Address and Agent.
  4. Complete medical examination and vaccination.
  5. Compile the EB3 visa supporting documents file.
  6. Attend the visa interview.
  7. Receive the NVC package and travel to the U.S.

How do you qualify for EB3?


  1. You must be able to demonstrate at least two years of job experience or training, not of a temporary or seasonal nature.
  2. You must be performing work for which qualified workers are not available in the United States; and.
  3. A labor certification and a permanent, full-time job offer are required.

What are EB3 jobs?

Types of EB-3 Jobs & Employers

  • Professionals: lawyers, architects, engineers, teachers.
  • Skilled Workers: computer scientists, graphic designers, supervisors, journalists.
  • Unskilled/Other Workers: caretakers, housekeepers, nannies, janitors.

Who comes under EB-3?

The EB3 visa is the third-preference employment visa. This visa is open to professionals, skilled workers, and unskilled workers. Professionals are people with bachelor’s degrees or higher (or the foreign equivalent). Skilled workers are people with 2 or more years of relevant work experience.

Can EB-3 get green card?

EB-3 is the third preference employment based immigrant visa category for foreign nationals to obtain permanent residency in the US. Eligible applicants for the EB-3 green card include skilled workers, professionals, and other workers.

Is EB2 faster than EB-3?

Now, in the future EB2 India moves faster than EB3 India and you have approved 140 and EAD from EB3. Yes, you can go back and use previously approved 140 (EB2) to file i485 to get GC faster if both EB2 i140 and EB3 i140 are valid.

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Can EB3 apply for citizenship?

EB3 Green Card Notes U.S. permanent residents planning to leave the U.S. for more than a year must obtain a Reentry Permit prior to leaving the U.S. U.S. permanent residents may apply for Citizenship if they have been a permanent resident for at least 5 years.

Can I work while waiting for EB3?

Applying for a Green Card & Form I-765 If you have not applied for a green card yet and would like to be able to work in the U.S. during the processing time, you must submit the Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization with your green card application.

How long does EB3 process take?

As a general overview the EB3 processing time is anywhere from 1 to 3 years, but nationals of some countries may wait up to 10+ years.

What is eb3 visa category?

The EB-3 Visa is a permanent residence U.S. visa/Green Card for “Skilled, Professional, or Other Workers.”

Is eb3 Green Card conditional?

What are the Benefits of an Employer Sponsored Green Card? Ability to live and work in the United States. Your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old also qualify for their green cards (as your dependents). Direct route to 10-year green card (no 2-year “ conditional ” green card).

Is eb3 current?

EB-3 Professionals and Skilled Workers: Remain current for all countries except India and China. Rapid forward movement for India and China. EB-5: Remain current for all countries except China and Vietnam.

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