Readers ask: Which Countries Egyptian Can Travel Without Visa?

List of Egyptian passport visa-free entry destinations:

  • Benin.
  • Cook Islands.
  • Dominica.
  • Gambia.
  • Guinea.
  • Haiti.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Indonesia.

How many countries can you visit without visa with Egyptian passport?

Egypt Visa Free Countries It is considered to be on the lower end of Passport Rankings in the world. Egyptian passport holders have visa-free access and visas on arrival to only 51 destinations including Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, and Kenya.

Can Egyptian citizen Visit USA?

Yes. You can visit the United States if you’re from Egypt. This travel document is valid for both business and tourism purposes. We can assist you with the US B1B2 Visa For Egypt Citizens.

Do Egyptians need a visa for Europe?

It is a mandatory travel visa required by the European Union for Egyptian citizens traveling to the Schengen territory. It is a single entry visa that allows the holder to enter the Schengen area for a maximum of 90 days.

Where can Egyptians get visa on arrival?

The Egyptian visa on arrival has been available to eligible tourists for years and has not been discontinued. There are currently 41 countries whose citizens can apply for a visa on arrival for Egypt:

  • Australia.
  • Austria.
  • Belgium.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Canada.
  • Croatia.
  • Cyprus.
  • Czech Republic.
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Can Egyptian go to Philippines without visa?

Philippines visa for citizens of Egypt is required. For more information please contact the nearest Philippines embassy.

Do Egyptians need visa to Japan?

The Egyptian passport holders (including diplomatic and official passports) need a visa to enter Japan before arrival in Japan. A visa label (sticker) will be put into the applicant’s passport. Neccessary documents for visa application are diffrent according to the purpose of visit.

What can you not wear in Egypt?

There really is no dress code in Egypt for tourists. But, you should know that Egyptian men dress rather smartly and are rather conservative – both the Islamic majority and the Christian minority. You will see most men in shirts, long trousers, and leather shoes. Rather no jeans, no t-shirts.

How do I get an Egyptian passport?

Egyptian passports are usually issued to Egyptian citizens for a period of seven years. To apply for a passport, either an Egyptian National ID card is required, or a computerized birth certificate for those below the age of 16. Students must furnish evidence of enrollment at the time of application.

Do Egyptian need visa to Albania?

Citizens of Egypt holding a valid multiple entry Schengen visa type “C” or “D” can enter and stay in Albania without a visa, within the validity of their Schengen visa. Albania tourist visa is required for citizens of Egypt.

Can I go to Netherlands from Egypt?

Entry into Netherlands From Egypt is Allowed with Additional Requirements. Fully vaccinated travelers from selected countries are allowed to enter the Netherlands.

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Do Egyptian need visa to Seychelles?

Citizens of Egypt do not require a visa to Seychelles. On arrival, travelers will need to provide evidence of onward or return transportation, confirmed accommodations, and proof of sufficient funds, and will then be issued a Visitor’s Permit valid for a stay of up to 30 days.

Does Egyptian need visa for Turkey?

No, Egyptians need a visa to travel to Turkey. Only official Egyptian passport holders can enter Turkey visa-free. The Turkish visa must be obtained in advance and presented at the border along with the passport and any other required supporting documents.

Which countries need visa for Egypt?

According to the Egyptian Consulate General in the United Kingdom visitors holding passports of the following countries must apply for a visa in person and a visa approval must be sought for them from the competent Authorities in Egypt and takes several weeks to process — Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Burundi, Chad

Do Egyptian need visa to Mauritius?

Citizens of Egypt traveling for tourism do not require a visa to Mauritius for a maximum stay of 180 days per calendar year. Mauritius tourist visa is not required for citizens of Egypt for a stay up to 90 days.

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