What Is Electronic Diversity Visa Confirmation Number?

It is displayed on the DV Confirmation Page, along with the Entrant’s Name, Confirmation Number, Birth Year, and Digital Signature.The following information is required in order to verify the status of your Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form (EDVEF), which you previously submitted to the program.The Confirmation Number is 16 characters in length (alphanumeric); the first four characters reflect the program year, and the remaining characters constitute the remainder of the number.

The applicant’s name, date of birth, a confirmation number, and digital signature are all included on this DV lottery confirmation page for the applicant. You must have all of these documentation in order to verify the status of your Electronic Green Card Lottery Entry Form application for the program. The confirmation code is made up of 16 alphanumeric characters in length.

How many digits are there in a DV-2020 confirmation number?

The Confirmation number must include 16 digits of alphanumeric characters in it, as well as the fiscal year at the beginning of the number.With regard to the present DV-2020 visa lottery scheme, the confirmation number was originally set to begin with the year 2020.Remember that the code will serve as a password to access your online selection results for that fiscal year’s program only, and that you must comprehend this.

How do I apply for an Electronic Diversity Visa?

During the designated registration period, all submissions must be submitted electronically using the Electronic Diversity Visa (E-DV) website.No paper entries will be accepted.There will be no late entries or paper entries permitted.During each registration period, the legislation permits just one entry by or for each individual, and this is strictly enforced.In order to identify repeated entries, the Department of State makes use of advanced technologies.

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How do I retrieve my confirmation number in EDV?

Entering certain personal information to verify your identity on the eDV website’s Entrant Status Check (ESC) page will now allow you to receive your confirmation number via the email address that you registered with by entering certain personal information to verify your identity.

Where can I find the results of the 2020 Diversity Visa program?

Starting on May 7th, the results of the 2020 Diversity Visa Program (also known as the US Green Card Lottery) were available online. It will be possible to verify whether or not you won the lottery on the State Department’s website until September 30, 2020 if you participated in the lottery during the open registration period (October 3rd, 2018 to November 6th, 2018).

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