How Far Is San Diego From Vegas?

What is the distance between San Diego and Las Vegas? For those of you who are capable of doing the full trip by automobile without stopping, here’s the simple answer: The distance traveled nonstop is 332 miles or 534 kilometers. Time spent driving: 4 hours and 55 minutes. Realistically, you’ll want to build in some extra time for rest stops, petrol stations, and food stops along the route.

How long is the flight from Vegas to San Diego?

The flight from Las Vegas to San Diego takes one hour and six minutes. The approximate driving distance between Las Vegas and San Diego is 420 kilometers.

Is it worth driving from LA to Vegas?

For the majority of travelers, flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is preferable to driving. While driving your own car may be less expensive, you will be subjected to some of the worst traffic in the United States. Furthermore, there aren’t many world-class attractions along the I-15 corridor.

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What is the driving distance between Las Vegas and San Diego?

There are 332 miles (or 534 kilometers) between San Diego, California and Las Vegas, Nevada in total driving distance. The entire straight-line distance between San Diego, CA and Las Vegas, NV is 265 miles (400 kilometers). For the sake of comparison, 426 kilometers or 230 nautical miles is comparable to

Where should I stop between Las Vegas and San Diego?

  1. Road Trip from San Diego to Las Vegas: 7 Must-See Stops La Jolla Cove is a beach in San Diego, California. March Field Air Museum is located at 1100 Coast Blvd. in La Jolla, California. Kountry Folks Homestyle Restaurant is located at 22550 Van Buren Blvd. in Riverside, California. Located at 3653 La Sierra Avenue in Riverside, California, the Calico Ghost Town, Cabazon Dinosaurs, Joshua Tree National Park, and the Seven Magic Mountains are all worth visiting.

How far is LA and San Diego?

With Downtown Los Angeles as a starting point, the distance between Los Angeles and San Diego is 118 miles, which takes at least 1 hour and 50 minutes without stopping or being obstructed by other vehicles or traffic.

How is the drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles?

What is the distance between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and how long would the road journey take?

Route Distance Driving Time
Quick Route (via Interstate 15) 270 miles 4 hours 15 minutes
Scenic route (via Mojave National Preserve) 320 miles 5 hours 30 minutes

What is the coldest month in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination. In December, the temperature averages 57 degrees Fahrenheit (14 degrees Celsius), making it the coldest month of the year on average. The average low temperature drops to 39 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius).

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Is there a train that runs from LA to San Diego?

Trains that run often and are easy to connect to In addition to 13 daily round-trip flights between San Diego and Los Angeles, the Pacific Surfliner route also offers five trips between Santa Barbara and San Diego. Many train stations are within walking distance of popular tourist destinations.

Where should you avoid in Las Vegas?

  1. Areas in Las Vegas that you should avoid at all costs Downtown Las Vegas is where it’s at. As reported by the FBI Crime Report, downtown Las Vegas has a crime rate that is 93 percent greater than the national average.
  2. Whitney / East Las Vegas is a neighborhood in Las Vegas, Nevada. Eastern and western Las Vegas, as well as Meadows Village, Naked City, and Huntridge, are additional areas of the city that you should avoid visiting.

How far is Disney from San Diego?

Disneyland is located in the Southern California neighborhood of Anaheim, 95 miles north of downtown San Diego, and is the world’s most visited theme park. It will vary depending on the time of day and the season you go, but a reasonable estimate is that it will take around one hour and forty-five minutes from downtown.

Are Las Vegas and Los Angeles close?

The entire driving distance between Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV is 270 miles (435 kilometers) in one direction. The entire straight-line distance between Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV is 228 miles (350 kilometers). This is the equal of 368 kilometers or 198 nautical miles in distance.

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How far is the Grand Canyon from Vegas?

  1. It is around 130 miles away from the hub of Las Vegas’s entertainment district.
  2. On average, the travel takes around two and a half hours, depending on traffic.
  3. Located more than 270 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip, the North Rim and South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park (the park’s two rims) are equally impressive.

Both journeys will take roughly four and a half hours on average, depending on traffic.

What is the best month to visit San Diego?

The months of March through May, as well as September through November, are the finest periods to visit San Diego. When comparing the low seasons to the high summer season, you might get some excellent bargains on travel costs.

Is San Diego a safe city?

San Diego’s crime rates are on the rise. The crime rate in San Diego is 15 percent lower than the national average, according to the FBI. It is safer than 34% of all of the cities in the country, according to the FBI. Even if you come across a criminal, it will most likely be a burglary or a steal rather than a violent crime.

What is halfway between Las Vegas and San Diego?

  1. Between San Diego, CA and Las Vegas, NV is the halfway point.
  2. Victorville, California, which is approximately 20 miles from the precise halfway between San Diego, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, is the greatest place to meet between the two cities.
  3. Johnstons Corner, California, is the town that serves as the precise midway point between two points on the map.

The zip code 92311 is the one that is closest to the midway.

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