Readers ask: How Hot Does Trex Decking Get In The Sun?

But how hot can composite decking get in the sun? One study found that in direct sunlight, composite decks can reach temperatures from 34° to 76° F hotter than the surrounding air. On an 80° day, that could mean a deck surface temperature of more than 150°.

Do Trex decks get hot in the sun?

Does Trex decking get hot on a sunny day? Top. Like many other outdoor surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, beach sand, wood decking, other brands of composite decking, etc., Trex decking can get hot due to weather and sun exposure.

Does composite decking get hot in the summer?

While early composite decks were very sensitive to temperature and did get notoriously hot, any new composite decking will be much more resistant to heat. High-quality modern composite boards don’t become hotter than traditional wooden deck boards.

Does Trex warp in sun?

Since then the technology has vastly improved. Modern composite decking has been engineered to stand up to decades of harsh weather, sun and constant foot traffic. Also, Trex composite decking offers a 25-year warranty that protects against fading and staining and warp.

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How do you keep Trex decking cool?

Cool Down the Decking with Water Quickly cooling the decking down with cold water. Give it a few minutes for the boards to cool down. Then enjoy the deck for the next thirty minutes or so until all the water runs off and evaporates and the boards warm up again.

What decking material does not get hot?

When you’re looking for the ultimate wood decking that stays cooler in the summer, there is not a better option than Ipe. Ipe decking packs in a lot of features and is one of our top choices for many reasons. It’s a very dense wood which makes it incredibly durable and causes it retains less heat than its counterparts.

Why does composite decking get so hot?

Material of the Decking Another factor you need to consider is the material of the composite decking. Composite decking boards get hotter under the sun based on the amount of heat or solar energy they absorb and not reflect. The heat retained by your composite decking partly depends on the material it is made of.

Does composite decking get hot to the feet?

Composite decking is hot on bare feet in direct sun, but some composite decking boards are cooler on your feet even in the sun. The temperature of your decking is critical in summer. If the decking is too hot to walk on, you cannot enjoy being outside on your deck in summer, leaving your shoes inside.

What is the coolest composite decking?

TimberTech capped polymer decking is engineered to be cooler to the touch, even in direct sunlight. TimberTech AZEK decking, our capped polymer decking line, features advanced materials science in its core and cap that makes it more heat resistant than other composite decking products.

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What are the problems with composite decking?

Common complaints from homeowners include their composite decking board swelling, shifting, warping, and shrinking. The cause of this isn’t exactly clear, but it’s suggested that the composite nature of the decking leads it to be much more sensitive to temperature and humidity swings as well as sun exposure.

Does Trex deck warp in heat?

Your composite deck may not warp, but it can sag and buckle. Also, thermal expansion, the fluctuation of temperatures, can have a more significant effect on composite decking than on natural wood decking. Spacing between composite boards, and boards and walls, is usually greater than between wooden boards.

Why is my Trex deck warping?

The reason why most composites warp is due to thermal expansion. When plastic fibres of the composites get heated, it will expand. It will return to its original size unless there’s a problem with the decking board spacing. So when installing decks, you will want to space your decks enough for the boards to breath.

How does Trex hold up in sun?

While wood gets hot enough to make walking with bare feet uncomfortable, composite decking gets even hotter. In some cases, Trex can become so hot that it may become unusable under intense, direct sunlight. The darker the Trex decking material, the more heat is retained.

How do you make a Trex less hot?

If your patio has no roof covering, it can warm up fast. To counter this, you can set up some shade, either artificial or natural. For natural shade, you can plant trees and plants to cover you from the sun. Not only that, but plants are also known to lower the temperature.

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How do I keep my decking from getting hot?

Add A Roof To prevent your wood deck or patio from trapping heat, install a roof for your older deck or patio. If you don’t yet have a deck or patio but plan to install one this summer, include a roof in your plans.

Is Trex decking too hot for dogs?

Installing decking that is not too hot for your dog’s paws is essential. Composite decking will be hotter on your dog’s paws than the grass in your yard. But there is composite decking that is not too hot for dogs to walk on. Composite decking that allows your dog to enjoy being on the deck in the summer heat.

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