Was Bedeutet Visa Electron?

Fragen und Antworten zu Visa Electron. 1. Was ist eine VISA Electron / MasterCard Maestro ATM Debit Card? Eine VISA Electron /MasterCard Maestro ATM Debit Card ist eine Guthabenkarte (Debit Card), mit der Sie weltweit an über 700.000 Geldautomaten (ATM) Bargeld abheben können. Zudem können Sie im Handel, an Tankstellen, Supermärkten, Hotels,

What is a Visa Electron card?

Not to be confused with Visa Debit. Visa Electron is a debit card product that uses the Visa payment system. It is offered by issuing banks in every country with the exception of Canada, Australia, Argentina, Ireland and the United States.

Do Visa Electron cards have the dove hologram?

Most Visa Electron cards do not have the dove hologram as on Visa credit and debit cards, but a few banks do include it.

Which banks in Bahrain offer a Visa Electron debit card?

Visa Electron debit cards are issued by Bahrain Islamic Bank, Raiffeisen Bank and HSBC, for example. In 2001, Banque Misr began offering the cards. Many banks have migrated away from Visa Electron and instead issue Visa Debit cards and Visa Electron issuance is declining.

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