Was Ist Visa Entropay?

Entropay is a virtual credit card that is easier, simple, instant and safe way for online payment. Entropay can be used wherever visa card is accepted for payment. This card acts just like other debit or credit cards with only difference that it is generated electronically.
Mit Visa Entropay können virtuelle Kreditkarten erstellen, die Sie für Online-Bezahlungen benutzen können.

What is an Entropay virtual Visa card?

Users of an EntroPay Virtual VISA card are protected from fraud as the only link between a credit card and their virtual card is the fact it is the funding source. The credit card is only used to add money to the virtual card, with the virtual card never having more money that what was loaded on the card.

What is Entropay?

EntroPay was launched in 2003 and, at the time, was the first virtual prepaid card introduced in Europe. Over the following years Ixaris enhanced the EntroPay virtual card for the benefit of both consumers and businesses.

Why choose Entropay for gambling in Asia?

Cheap fees, anonymity and fast processing times make it a top choice for online gamblers in Asia. EntroPay was founded by Ixaris Systems in 2003 and provides users with a Virtual VISA card that can be used instantly wherever VISA is accepted.

How do I load funds onto the Entropay plastic card?

Users load funds onto the EntroPay Plastic Card either by transfer from an EntroPay Virtual Visa card or by loading funds directly from a personal credit or debit card. The minimum deposit is $20 / £10 / EUR15 and the maximum deposit is $5000/£2500/EUR3750. A fee of £0. 10/EUR0. 15/ $0.

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