Was Ist Visa Stars?

Wir beraten Sie umfassend und liefern Ihnen für viele Länder Ihr Visum. VISA STAR bietet eine erstklassige Erreichbarkeit rund um die Uhr und absolut faire und transparente Preise. Entspannen Sie sich und freuen Sie sich auf Ihren Urlaub, Ihre Kreuzfahrt oder Ihre Geschäftsreise, um das Visum kümmern wir uns.

What do the Stars on a US visa mean?

They indicate the ‘RISK’ status upon entry to the United States, which means that if you have more stars, then you will go through more security check when entering the United States.

What do the Stars on a green card mean?

Immigration lawyers will tell you the stars are ‘insignificant’, and they’re probably correct in the sense that on a valid card, it’s not relevant to your visa status, risk, or anything like that. One of many security features. it will tie to another bit of information on your visa.

Why does my B1/B2 visa have 2 stars?

I previously had a J1 visa (and had 1 star), and now my B1/B2 visa has 2 stars. Its merely means to security — to prevent counterfeit.

What does 1 star on a passport status mean?

I thought it meant the level of surveillance you will be under. One star means, they track your emails, phone calls, and addresses. This was done in lieu of the Patriot Act by the Department of Homeland Security in 2003 to ensure they could pre-emtively deter criminal activity arising from foreign passport holders.

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