Does Tui Die In Top Of The Lake?

Johnno confesses to Robin that he could have helped her during the rape, but was too scared to go up against her attackers. Tui has been missing for months and is presumed dead. After his death, Jamie’s mother reveals that he was gay and not the father of the baby.

Is Tui dead on top of the lake?

Willa: Tui didn’t die. Dan: In fact, she showed her power and strength. She didn’t need Putty and his stupid midwifery textbook to have that baby; she didn’t need Johnno or Robin to save it. Willa: She found her inner hissing cat and did it herself.

What happens at the end of Top of the Lake China Girl?

The series closes with a moment that finds Robin finally affording herself a smile, allowing herself to connect to a daughter that she is still learning how to love. Watching home videos on a DVD, it’s another artifact that she must borrow from Mary’s adopted family.

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Who was Tui’s baby’s father?

Al reveals to Robin that Matt is the father of Tui’s baby but the DNA tests also reveal that he isn’t Johnno’s father. At the café, Robin learns that April Stephens was also a barista and a graduate of Al’s program.

Who got TUI pregnant on top of the lake?

Matt and Johnno find Tui and Matt points a rifle at the baby. Tui is a tiny badass and shoots both men to protect her child. She ends up killing Matt (which is fine, because he deserved it). Robin realizes that Al is the one responsible for Tui’s pregnancy.

Is Al the father of TUIS baby?

Tui arrives and shoots both of them, killing her father Matt to protect her son. Al Parker tells Robin that DNA results confirm that Matt was the father of Tui’s baby. It’s also revealed that Johnno isn’t Matt’s biological son as his mother had an affair, so Robin and Johnno aren’t related.

Where is Tui in top of the lake?

Series 1. No. In the small town of Laketop, New Zealand, a young girl named Tui Mitcham is discovered standing chest-deep in the icy, glacial waters of the titular lake.

What happens in top of the lake Season 2?

Top of the Lake Season 2 Plot Haunted by a daughter given up at birth, Robin desperately wants to find her, yet dreads revealing the truth of her conception. Mary’s adoptive parents Julia and Pyke bring their own human dramas into Robin’s world, as she maps a road through a much longed-for connection with her daughter.

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Who is Pixie in top of the lake?

“Top of the Lake” Surrogate (TV Episode 2017) – Susie Lindeman as Pixie – IMDb.

Is Top of the Lake a true story?

Top of the Lake, the 2013 miniseries by Jane Campion about a female detective (Elisabeth Moss) investigating a missing, pregnant 12-year-old, was set in the fictional remote town of Laketop, New Zealand, and much of the series’s power came from its bleak, otherworldly landscape.

How did top of the lake end?

In tonight’s final two installments, Mary (Alice Englert) is put into mortal danger as she realizes the full complicity of her boyfriend Puss (David Dencik), and that eventually leads her back home to her adoptive mother Julia (Nicole Kidman).

Was Matt Robins father?

On the one hand, I (and a number of commenters) saw this coming, largely: Matt is Robin’s father, Al is the big bad wolf, Paradise is lost. On the other hand, knowing it didn’t really mute the drama for me; rather, the inevitability felt just as tense and awful the rest of the series.

Is there going to be a top of the lake season 3?

While that does not sound very encouraging, we should remember that there was a four-year gap between Season 1 and Season 2, and there’s still plenty of time for the show to be renewed for Season 3. Our best guess is that if the show does get renewed, Season 3 of Top of the Lake can release sometime in 2020.

Is there a season two of to the lake?

Is there going to be a season 2 of To the Lake? According to a report from What’s on Netflix the series, TriColorTVMg from Russia has stated that the show has, in fact, been given a renewal. To the Lake season 2 is officially happening, and fans should be delighted to hear that the story will continue.

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