Readers ask: How Do Radioactive Substances Spread Pollution?

External contamination occurs when radioactive material, in the form of dust, powder, or liquid, comes into contact with a person’s skin, hair, or clothing. People who are externally contaminated can become internally contaminated if radioactive material gets into their bodies.

How does radiation cause pollution?

Radioactive pollution occurs when there is a presence or depositions of radioactive materials in the atmosphere or environment, especially where their presence is accidental and when it presents an environmental threat due to radioactive decay.

How do radioactive substances cause water pollution?

There are two sources of radioactive contamination in drinking water. The first is naturally occurring radionuclides that are contained in the soil that water moves through. Some areas are susceptible to contamination from phosphate rich soils and rock. These contaminants may cause different types of biological damage.

What are the effects of radioactive pollution on the environment?

Soil Infertility due to the Improper Disposal of Radioactive Waste. Improper disposal of radioactive waste can severely contaminate the soil and result in soil pollution. The radioactive matter present in this type of waste may mix with the components of the soil, rendering it highly toxic and infertile.

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What are the primary causes of radioactive pollution?

Mining for nuclear fuel, nuclear waste, nuclear power plant mishaps (sometimes caused by the hapless Homer Simpson), and nuclear weapons are all possible sources of radioactive pollution. In that case, the major cause of radioactive pollution is radon gas, not medicine.

What are radioactive pollution What are its effect?

Living organisms are continuously exposed to a variety of radiations called background radiations. If the level of the radioactive radiations increases above a certain limit it causes harmful effects to living beings. This harmful level of radiations emitted by radioactive elements is called radioactive pollution.

How human activities are responsible for radioactive pollution?

The human activities that can release radiation involve activities with radioactive materials such as mining, handling and processing of radioactive materials, handling and storage of radioactive waste, as well as the use of radioactive reactions to generate energy (nuclear power plants), along with the use of

What are the sources of radioactive pollution and how can we control the radioactive pollution?

Sources of radioactive pollution are identified including nuclear weapon tests, nuclear accidents, routine effluent release into the environment, and radioactive waste. Radioactive pollution prevention measures are presented including: treaties, regulations and standards, and technical methods to control pollution.

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