Often asked: How Do I Calculate Sofa Upholstery Yardage?

Measure the Back of the Couch Run the tape measure along the back of the chair or couch from seam-to-seam to determine its width and length measurements. Add 1 inch for each seam. Translate this measurement into yards by dividing the total length measurement by 36 inches.

How do I calculate how much fabric I need for a couch?

Allow approximately 12 yards of fabric as a base estimate for a 6-foot-long, 2-cushion sofa. Increase that to 14 yards for a 7-foot sofa. Estimate an additional 1.5 yards of fabric per cushion for a sofa with more than two cushions — so a 7-foot-long, 6-cushion sofa would require around 20 yards of fabric.

How do I calculate yardage for upholstery?

Measure the length and width of the front of the sofa. Then, measure the inside and outside of the arms and the seating area with the cushions removed. Once you have your numbers, divide by 36 to determine the yardage. Keep in mind that upholstery fabric is usually 54 inches wide.

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How many yards of fabric do I need to cover a sofa?

The amount of fabric yardage to cover a sofa is typically 12 yards. This material should be enough for a typical sofa around 6 feet long. You can add two yards per foot or one and a half yards per sofa cushion from this base estimate.

How do you measure upholstery on a sofa?

Measure from the bottom of the upholstered area on the back of the couch to the top. If the couch has a curved back, measure at it’s highest point. Measure again from the floor to the top of the couch at its highest point. This gives you the height of the upholstered area as well as the total height of the couch.

How much yardage do I need?

Total number of pieces divided by number of pieces that fit into width equals number of rows you need. Number of needed rows multiplied by length of one piece equals total project in inches. Total project inches divided by 36 inches equals total yardage needed (rounded up to the whole number).

How much fabric do I need to cover a 3 seater sofa?

A two seater sofa will typically need 14 metres. A three seater will generally require 16-18 metres and a four seater 20-22 metres. The lengths suggested are based on average sized chairs and sofas and the use of plain fabric.

How many yards does it take to reupholster a chair?

If you have four chairs, you will need 1.5 yards, six chairs takes 2.25 yards, eight chair seats take 3 yards, and so on. If your chair seats have cording, allow 7/8 yard for two chairs. If you chair seats are boxed and corded, allow 1.25 yards for two chairs.

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How do you measure fabric for cushions?

Measure the cushion from the seam at the back of the seat to the seam at the front, instructs Outdoor Fabric Central. Double that number and add 1 inch to get the length of fabric you will need to cover the top and bottom of the cushion. Adding 1 inch gives you a 1/2-inch seam allowance on each end of the cushion.

How do upholstery prices work?

Upholstery labor prices range from $40 to $100 per hour, not including fabric. Pros usually estimate a total that includes all the work, instead of an hourly rate. For the average chair or couch, you can expect to pay around $500 to $1,000 per piece in labor.

How much fabric do I need for chair upholstery?

If your chair is larger than average, measure the width the same way as you would measure the length at its widest point. If you have more than one chair that you are reupholstering, multiply the number of chairs by 0.75 and divide by 2. This will give you the total amount of yardage you will need for your chairs.

How much is it to reupholster a couch?

Sofas cost between $500 and $4500 to reupholster. The average cost of reupholstering a sofa is $1800. This includes your new fabric cost and labor costs associated with reupholstering. Usually fabric ranges from $10-$70 a yard with labor cost ranging from $40-$100 per hour.

How do you measure to reupholster?

Count the number of squares along the long edge of the fabric representation. Multiply the number of squares by six to determine the number of inches of fabric required. Add 10 percent for ease of mind. Divide the final number by 36 to realize the number of yards required.

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How much fabric do I need to cover a 2 seater sofa?

For a 2 seat piece usually 10-15m is needed. A standard 3 seater sofa will need between 11m and 18.5m depending on the arms, height of the back and any extra details. If you have a large corner sofa then expect to need approximately 30m to cover all the cushions and sofa structure.

What is the standard width of upholstery fabric UK?

The most well-known width for upholstery fabric today in the United States is 54 inches;, 48-inch-wide upholstery fabric is discovered both here and in Great Britain, and 40-and 42-inch widths are standard for some, imported upholstery fabrics, similar to Indian silks.

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