FAQ: What Is Self Welting?

A self welt is when the cord is done out of the same fabric. A welt cord that is done out of a different fabric is called a contrasting welt cord. Contrasting welt cords add lots of style & pop to your upholstery.

What is self welting on a pillow?

A self-welt pillow available on Amazon.com. A “welted” or “corded” pillow is a knife edge pillow with the addition of a decorative cord or welting at the seam. The cord or welt can contrast the fabric for more interest, or it can be in a matching color for a more subtle look.

What is the difference between piping and welting?

The difference between welting and piping is its use and the size of the cording that is encased inside the fabric. From left to right: Cording for piping, cording for welt and cording for extra large welt. You will recognize the extra large welting as an accent found on many throw pillows.

What is the purpose of welting?

Welting is sewn into seams to help fabric withstand daily use since it acts as a buffer for abrasions and restricts contact with sewn seams when placed on the corners and edges of the upholstered pieces.

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What is a Turkish corner on a pillow?

If you’ve never heard of turkish corners, you might be wondering what they are. Basically, they’re a pleating detail on the corners of a pillow that make the pillow more of a box shape. I recently made pillows for two of my dining area chairs, and I knew turkish corners were the way to go.

What is the edging on a pillow called?

What is a flange edge on a pillow? A flange edge is a classic fabric decorative accent, added along on all four sides of a pillow sham or throw pillow. A flange consists of fabric with a seam allowance ranging from 1/2″ to 3″ beyond the dimensions of the sham. This creates a large, elegant flourish.

Is a zipper foot the same as a piping foot?

Most sewing machines come with a zipper foot. This can be used to put in piping, so no additional feet are needed. But if you’re willing to invest a few dollars, you can get a piping foot (shown on the right), and adding piping becomes simple. It’s a small piece of cording wrapped in fabric and sewn in place.

What is bias Welt?

Bias cuts are used when a fabric needs to stretch or to lie smooth • around corners. Generally, in upholstery, welt is cut on the bias. This technique shows bias strips being cut at 2”. Bias strip can be • cut to any width – the width needs to cover the cord and leave a seam allowance.

What is welting and piping?

Piping (Also Single Welting): Piping usually refers to garment sewing whereas welting refers to home decor. Piping Cord is made of cotton or polyester, as opposed to tissue Welt Cord.

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What is double welting?

Double welting, also known as double cording, is one piece of trim that looks like two rows of piping close together. It’s a common finishing element in upholstery and is often used to hide staples and the raw edges of fabric where the fabric meets the chair frame.

What is a welted cushion style?

A welt is a decorative ridge around a cushion, usually filled with a thin rope to help it keep its form. The welt may be made of the same fabric as the cushion, or a different fabric and color entirely for a decorative embellishment.

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