How To Apply Dubai 5 Year Tourist Visa?

Steps to take while applying for a five-year visa through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).Upload the application information, which should include the applicant’s name, service beneficiary details, and mailing addresses (both inside and outside the UAE).Attachments should include a colored photo, a copy of your passport, proof of medical insurance, and a bank statement from the last six months.

  1. Visit for further information.
  2. Select Smart Services (from the list of icons on the right side of your screen, select the second icon, which is labeled ‘e-form’)
  3. And
  4. Select ‘Public Services’ from the drop-down option at the top of the page.
  5. Select ‘Start Service’ from the drop-down menu under ‘Visa – multiple entry’.
  6. Fill out the form with all of the necessary information.

What is the 5-year tourist visa for Dubai?

With the introduction of the 5-year tourist visa, the UAE’s international standing will achieve its pinnacle, since it will provide many individuals with the option to visit the country many times over a period of five years. Who was it that this five-year visa was created for? As you are probably aware, Dubai is home to more than 200 different ethnicities.

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How to apply for a 5 year residence visa in UAE?

Visas for long-term residency in the United Arab Emirates (5 and 10 years). The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) of the United Arab Emirates has published the processes that applicants of any nationality must follow when applying for a five-year multiple-entry tourist visa through the authority’s website, according to a press release.

How to get a tourist visa to the UAE?

In order to obtain a tourist visa for the United Arab Emirates, you must first contact one of the UAE-based airlines, a tour agency, or a hotel (where you want to stay) in the UAE, all of which will submit your visa application to the UAE’s official visa-issuing authorities on your behalf. Learn more about the requirements for a transit visa to the United Arab Emirates.

How long can multiple entry visa holders stay in the UAE?

Holders of multiple-entry tourist visas are permitted to stay in the United Arab Emirates for a total of 90 days each year. The application procedure for the five-year multiple-entry tourist visas to visit the United Arab Emirates has been started by the country’s immigration officials.

How do I get a 5-year visa for Dubai?

As opposed to working via a travel agency, businesses must register with Dubai Tourism, establish a file for the company, and then begin filing for their personnel to be eligible to work in the city. Employees will be issued the same five-year multi-entry visit visa as before, but this time through the firm. This is only available to those businesses who have been authorized.

Is Dubai giving 5 years tourist visa?

The five-year multi-entry visas allow travellers to enter the UAE numerous times over the course of a calendar year or to remain for up to 90 days at a time, with the option to renew the visa for a further 90 days each time.

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What is the cost of 5-year UAE tourist visa?

The five-year visa allows travelers to enter the nation several times on their own behalf and stay in the country for up to 90 days on each visit, with the ability to extend the stay for an additional 90 days. To apply for a visa through the ICA, applicants must pay a fee of Dh650.

Can I get visa for 5 years?

The 5-year visit visa is a tourist visa provided to foreign people who intend to visit India for consecutive travels, which is valid for 5 years. The maximum number of days that a foreign national can spend in India is 90 days per visit. However, the applicant with the 5-year visa can make several entries in India.

How many times can I visit Dubai in a year?

The five-year visa allows travelers to enter the nation several times on their own behalf and stay in the country for up to 90 days on each visit, with the ability to extend the stay for an additional 90 days. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship can provide you with further information on obtaining a multiple-entry tourist visa.

How long is tourist visa in UAE?

Prearranged UAE visas

Visa type Duration
Visa typeTourist – short term (multiple entry) Duration30 days from first entry
Visa typeTourist – long term (single entry) Duration90 days from arrival date
Visa typeTourist – long term (multiple entry) Duration90 days from first entry

Is there 6 months visa in UAE?

The entrepreneur is granted a multi-entry visa for a period of six months, which can be renewed for an additional six months. The spouse and children, as well as a partner and three executives, are all granted long-term visas.

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Is ICA approval required for tourist visa?

ICA clearance no longer necessary As verified by the flag carriers of the UAE, the GDRFA or ICA permission is no longer required by the UAE citizens travelling to the UAE.

How much does it cost to extend visit visa in Dubai?

Travelers can extend their visit or tourist visas by contacting the travel agency that handled their initial visa applications. If they seek to extend their stay in the nation beyond 30 days, they will be required to pay an additional price of AED 600 for each 30-day extension.

Can I extend my 90 days visit visa in Dubai?

The long-term visit visa is valid for 90 days and can be renewed for a further 90 days if necessary. The long-term tourist visa is valid for 90 days and can be renewed for an additional period of time.

Can I apply for a 5 year tourist visa in India?

To that end, beginning in September 2019, a long-term 5 year Indian Tourist Visa (also known as an India e-Visa) will be made accessible to international visitors who wish to visit India numerous times during a five-year period.

Which country gives 10 years visa?

Spain. There is a scheme known as the residency-by-investment program, which allows one to invest and become a permanent resident after five years of continuous participation in the program. Furthermore, if they continue to reside in the nation, they will be eligible to apply for citizenship after ten years.

Can I get a 6 month tourist visa for India?

A tourist visa is often issued with the ability to re-enter the country. You can apply for a tourist visa with several validity lengths, such as a 6-month, 5-year, or 10-year visa. The only visas available to people of Indian heritage who hold a US passport are those with a 10-year validity period.

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