How To Set Up Vanilla Visa Gift Card Pin?

Vanilla Visa gift cards do feature a PIN number that you’ll need to enter if you plan to purchase online with them.The PIN codes for these cards are not printed on the cards themselves.Instead, you’ll need to dial the toll-free number printed on the back of your gift card and provide your gift card number — which is a sixteen-digit number — in order to create your personal identification number.

How do I use my vanilla eGift Card?

Select Credit on the keypad with your card or type a 4-digit PIN number into the keypad with your card. Your Vanilla eGift Card may be used for purchases using digital wallets such as Apply Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay, among others. What is the best way to use my Vanilla Gift Card to purchase online? 1.

How to add a pin to a $200 Visa gift card?

First and foremost, I’ll demonstrate how to add a PIN on a $200 Visa Gift Card. Nothing more than visiting the Gift Card Mall website (link) and clicking the Update Card PIN button will suffice. On the back of your gift card, enter the card number, expiration date, and CVV code. You are now free to construct whatever four-digit PIN you like.

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