Often asked: What Is A Ead Visa?

Having an Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766/EAD) is one way to prove that you are allowed to work in the United States for a specific time period. To request an EAD, you must file Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization.

What is the difference between an EAD and a visa?

A work visa must be obtained by a foreign national to work in the United States. This EAD will grant permission to a non-immigrant to work in the United States lawfully, until the EAD is valid.

What is EAD visa in USA?

A Form I-766 employment authorization document (EAD; [1]) or EAD card, known popularly as a work permit, is a document issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that provides temporary employment authorization to noncitizens in the United States.

What visa type is EAD?

What’s an EAD? The general work permit for the U.S., the Employment Authorization Document (EAD), entitles the holder to work legally in the United States during the period of validity of the EAD. Often married spouses who hold a derived visa (e.g. E-1, E-2, L-2 or J-2 visa) apply for an EAD.

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Who is eligible for an EAD?

To be eligible to apply for an EAD, you must be: An application for adjustment of status to permanent resident. A spouse of an E1 treaty trader, E2 treaty investor or L1 intra-company transferee. A spouse or a child of a J1 exchange visitor.

How long is EAD valid for?

Most EADs are valid for one year. Obviously, however, no person will be given a work permit that lasts longer than their permitted stay in the United States.

How long can you stay on EAD without job?

Practically forever (just half kidding). There is no time limit. With your I-485 having been filed and pending for more than 180 days you are in great shape to “port” to another employer, as long as in the “same” or “similar” “occupation”.

How long does it take to get green card after EAD?

Immigrants who file for a work permit concurrently with their Green Card application typically fall on the longer side of that estimate, with most Green Card applicants receiving their Employment Authorization Document (EAD) in about 150 days.

Can I apply for EAD without a job offer?

It is best to apply for your post completion OPT early even if you do not have a job offer yet. Your OPT start date must fall within the 60 day period after your program ends. Once you submit your OPT application to USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), you cannot change that OPT start date.

Can I travel outside US with EAD card?

With an approved OPT application and your EAD card, you may travel internationally, and request entry into the U.S in F-1 status when you return, both before or after the start date on your EAD card.

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Do I need EAD card for H1B?

An H1B visa is a work visa so an EAD is not also required. Also, having an EAD and using it, even with a second, nighttime or part-time employer, we believe will void the H1B visa. Some attorneys are willing to gamble on that fact.

Can you get an EAD card without a visa?

You do not need to apply for an EAD if you are a lawful permanent resident. You also do not need to apply for an EAD if you have a nonimmigrant visa that authorizes you to work for a specific employer (for example, you have an H-1B, L-1B, O, or P visa).

Can you get an EAD without a visa?

EADs are not given to someone without a visa or other qualifying document authorizing them to be in the U.S. A Green Card grants someone residency in the U.S. A Green Card is also only valid for temporary periods. But, it can be renewed if your application is successful.

Why EAD takes so long?

The COVID-19 pandemic has of course not helped. A four-month office closure of Application Support Centers and Field Offices caused a significant delay and backlog in EAD processing across the United States.

What happens after receiving EAD card?

According to USCIS, after you receive your approved EAD from USCIS, you should later receive your Social Security card within another two weeks or so. Again, however, not everyone who is in the U.S. and wishes to work here is eligible for a work permit.

When should I apply for EAD?

Start the process early and be sure to apply ahead of time. For post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT), for example, you can apply for your EAD up to 90 days before your program end date. You can still request a later OPT start date even if you apply early.

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