Often asked: What Work Can H4 Visa Holder Do?

Before 2015, H4 visa holders weren’t allowed to work in the United States at all. After 2015, certain H4 visa holders are allowed to work if they have an EAD. The EAD doesn’t limit you to a specific sector or type of job. You can work in any industry for any employer, and you can even freelance.

Are H4 visa holders allowed to work?

As an H-4 visa holder, you are required to hold an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to undertake paid work in the US. This includes employment, starting business, self-employment and freelance work. With an EAD, you may work on a part-time, full-time or short-term basis for any US employer.

Can H4 apply for jobs?

H4 visa holders are prohibited from working in the United States, and because of that, they are not issued a social security number, which is often required when applying for jobs. However, there are still some legitimate ways to make money in the United States, feel fulfilled, and make quality use of your time.

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Can I do freelance work on H4 visa?

If you’re wondering: can I do freelance work on H4 visa, the answer is No. Since H4 visa-holders are not allowed to work physically, you won’t be authorized to do freelance work either. Additionally, you cannot do any other work from home, for instance, providing a service or starting a small business.

Can H4 visa holders do multiple jobs?

A: Yes, H-4 status EAD holder can do both working for an employer and doing business at the same time.

Can o1 spouses work?

Unfortunately, O-1 spouses are not permitted to work in the United States. Taking up employment will be a violation of your visa status and may affect your stay, leading to heavy penalties under immigration law. If you want to work, you will need to change your status to a work visa category, such as an H-1B.

Can I apply for green card while on H4 EAD?

Under H-4 status, you will be able to live and study in the U.S. Those that are the spouses of H-1B holders can also work, provided that they obtain valid Employment Authorization Documents (EAD). Additionally, as of 2015, H-4 visa holders can apply for lawful permanent residence (green cards).

Can H4 own a business?

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued immediate family members an H4 visa, which only allows them to lawfully live in the U.S. with an H1B visa holder. Holders of such an H4 visa EAD can now legally work or start a business in the U.S. as long as their spouse’s H1B visa is valid.

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Can I do Masters on H4 visa?

Why study for an MS or MBA in the US? Studying for a Master’s degree in the US presents a great professional opportunity for H4 visa holders. Moreover, it allows H4 visa holders to break from their regular routine and develop and build their knowledge while they live in the US.

Can H4 EAD work in Canada?

Nope.. you cannot do that on H4. However, if you have H4 EAD, then it should be fine to do this.

Can H4 visa holder apply for H1B?

Applying for H1B from H4 Visa Status Any H4 visa holder may convert from H4 to H1B visa status as long as they meet the H1B visa requirements. The H4 visa holders sponsoring H1B employer must file his or her H1B petition. The H1B sponsoring employer will need to submit the following along with Form I-129.

Can I do internship on H4 visa?

A H-4 visa holder is not allowed to work. A training or internship should not be viewed as some form of employment.

How many jobs can we do on H4 EAD?

Company ‘Y’ will be job from 9 am – 5 pm and Company ‘X’ will be remote one (can work after 5 pm or weekends). Thanks in advance. You can work as many jobs as you want using your H4 EAD. There is no limit or restriction.

Can H4 EAD work from India?

There is no requirement for h4 ead holder to be present in US to work. You should be able to work remotely from India, it’s your employer discretion to allow you working from India. As long as you have apporved H4 and H4ead (card) in hand you should be fine.

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Can I work 2 jobs at the same time?

You can learn about California’s Labor Code §96(k) or read this law firm’s blog advising employers on moonlighting policy. The bottom line is we live in a free agent economy — it’s legal to work multiple remote jobs and sell your skills to multiple bidders.

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