Readers ask: How Do I Apply For The Costco Anywhere Visa?

There are three ways to apply:

  1. Stop by the membership counter at your local Costco warehouse and ask for an application.
  2. Apply online here. Or, visit, type “Citi Visa” into the search bar and hit “Enter.”
  3. Call 1-800-259-3052.

Is Costco anywhere Visa hard to get?

Applicants need to have excellent credit to qualify for the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card. The exact credit score required varies, but a very good credit score ranges from 740 to 799 and excellent credit is 800 and higher, according to Experian.

How long does it take to get approved for Costco credit card?

When you apply for the Costco Citi Visa in person at a Costco location, you may get approved or denied instantly, or it may take up to a few weeks to receive a decision by mail or email. If you’re approved, you can expect to receive your card in the mail within 7 to 14 business days.

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What is a Costco anywhere Visa?

Exclusive to Costco members, the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card offers tiered benefits for many purchases outside of Costco warehouses. Though it’s a store card, Costco members can use the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card wherever Visa cards are accepted and earn rewards towards everyday purchases like gas, travel, and dining.

What is the annual fee for the Costco anywhere Visa Business Card by Citi?

Yes, although there is $0 annual fee on the Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card by Citi, an active Costco membership is required to keep the card account active and earn rewards.

Which credit bureau does Costco use?

The credit score and report information provided by Citi to Costco Anywhere Visa Card owners is sourced from Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting bureaus used by lenders and other sources of credit in the United States and internationally.

What credit does Costco take?

Since Costco has a contract with Visa, shoppers can’t use credit cards backed by the other three main networks, American Express, Mastercard or Discover, at Costco warehouses. However, you’re able to pay with Mastercard and Discover cards for purchases made at and the Costco app.

Does Costco run a credit check?

Yes, Costco will hire you regardless of your credit.

Can you use Costco credit card right away?

No. You must have the physical credit card. Your temporary Costco Anywhere Citi Visa® Card can only be used at the Costco warehouse for purchases made at the front registers.

Can you have a credit score of 900?

A credit score of 900 is either not possible or not very relevant. On the standard 300-850 range used by FICO and VantageScore, a credit score of 800+ is considered “perfect.” That’s because higher scores won’t really save you any money.

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Can I use my Costco card anywhere?

Your membership card is valid at any Costco warehouse worldwide and is not transferable. You will be required to show your membership card when entering any Costco warehouse and when checking out at a payment register.

Does Costco credit card have an annual fee?

Earn Costco cash rewards anywhere Visa is accepted. Plus, no annual fee with your paid Costco membership. Cash back will be provided as an annual credit card reward certificate once your February billing statement closes, redeemable for cash or merchandise at US Costco Warehouses.

Why does Costco only take Visa?

The warehouse club agreed to accept only Visa cards, and in exchange, the credit company lowered Costco’s merchant fee to a negligible less than 0.4 percent. By trimming its own costs, Costco can keep prices lower for its members. From there, Visa was happy to step in.

What credit score do you need for a Costco Citi card?

You must have excellent credit to get approved for the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi. That generally means a credit score of 720 or above. Is the Costco Anywhere Visa the best credit card for gas? If you want rewards that are more flexible than Costco rewards, see our top picks for best gas credit cards.

How do I apply for a Costco credit card from Citibank?

There are three ways to apply:

  1. Stop by the membership counter at your local Costco warehouse and ask for an application.
  2. Apply online here. Or, visit, type “Citi Visa” into the search bar and hit “Enter.”
  3. Call 1-800-259-3052.

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