Readers ask: Who Issues U-visa Certification In Chicago, Il?

1. USCIS — U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the federal component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that has the sole authority to approve or deny (adjudicate) petitions for U nonimmigrant status (U Visa).

Who can certify a U visa?

The agencies that will most commonly certify a U visa petition are local, state, and federal police departments and prosecutors. Even a judge may sign a U visa certification, although many will refuse to do so in order to avoid a showing of bias for the prosecution.

How do I apply for visa U?

The first step toward petitioning for a U nonimmigrant visa is to file Form I-918, Petition for U Nonimmigrant Status, with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You must submit Form I-918 Supplement B, U Nonimmigrant Status Certification, at the same time you submit Form I-918.

How long does it take for U visa to be approved?

It can take from 12 to 18 months for the U visa to be processed and approved. The processing times may vary widely though, since for example, if you are required to send in additional evidence to USCIS, processing times may become longer.

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How do I know if my U visa is approved?

Remember: Look at your I-94 card to find out when your status started. If you got U nonimmigrant status while in the U.S., your I-94 card is at the bottom of your approval letter from USCIS. If you came into the U.S. on a U visa, you need to print your I-94 card from the website

Can a witness apply for U visa?

In some cases, witnessing a crime or being related to a crime victim can qualify someone for U immigration status. Noncitizens who have themselves been the targeted victims of crimes are not the only ones who can apply for U nonimmigrant status (a U visa) in order to remain in the U.S. lawfully.

Can a U visa be revoked?

A consular officer is authorized to revoke a nonimmigrant visa at any time, in his or her discretion. A revoked visa is no longer valid for entry or reentry to the United States.

What is U visa certification?

The U visa certification simply states that the person was a victim of a qualifying crime, possessed information relating to the crime, and was helpful in the investigation or prosecution of that crime. The certification does not guarantee the future conduct of the victim or grant a U visa.

How many U visas have been granted?

The U Visa Is a Sizeable Source of Permanent Immigration Currently there are more than 200,000 U visa petitions that are pending action from USCIS. More than 170,000 applications have been approved since 2009.

What happens if U visa is denied?

If USCIS denies your request for a U visa, then your status is still the same as it was before you applied. This means that if you are in the country without legal documentation, you are at risk for being detained and deported.

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How long are U visas taking 2021?

It typically takes about four and a half years for USCIS to fully process U visa applications, which includes the agency taking biometrics (photographs and fingerprints), processing all forms and supporting information (such as the Certification of Helpfulness by a qualifying agency), and finally, issuing an approval

Why is U visa taking so long?

One reason it takes so long is that Congress limited the number of U visas the government can give out to 10,000 per year,1 but far more than 10,000 people apply for U visas each year, so the line of applications waiting to get reviewed gets longer and longer every year.

Can I work while waiting for U visa?

Deferred action is not an immigration status, but it allows USCIS to give you a work permit so you can work legally while you wait for a decision on your U visa.

What happens when your U visa is approved?

After the U visa is approved at the USCIS Vermont Service Center, the file will be sent to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) for processing. The United States consulate in your client’s country of origin is responsible for issuing the U visa travel document.

Can u travel with U visa?

U Visa Applicants Can Get Stuck Outside the U.S. If They Leave. A pending application for U status does not give you any reentry privileges. Therefore, applicants should not travel outside the U.S. unless an emergency situation requires it.

How long does it take to get a green card through U visa?

Applications for an adjustment from U nonimmigrant status to lawful permanent residency are filed with the USCIS Vermont Service Center. The processing time for a green card can vary significantly from case to case, though it generally takes 1 – 2 years.

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