Quick Answer: How Long Is An Ot Program?

To become an occupational therapist, you will need to earn both an undergraduate and graduate degree and pass the required licensure exams. You can expect to spend six to seven years in school: four years for an undergraduate degree and two to three years for a graduate degree (if attending on a full-time basis).

How long is an OT master’s program?

A master’s degree in OT typically is two years in length. As a graduate of a doctoral degree program, the OT is qualified to sit for the national exam and obtain a license in any state in the country.

How do you become an OT?

5 Steps to Get into Occupational Therapy School

  1. Complete a bachelor’s degree. Before you can obtain a master’s degree or doctorate in occupational therapy, you must first obtain a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Take the GRE.
  3. Complete OT observation hours.
  4. Explore occupational therapy specialties.
  5. Write an impressive personal statement.

How hard is it to get into OT school?

OT school is very competitive and takes more than just haphazardly applying to schools at the last minute. Make sure you’re prepared by learning from my mistakes and following these actionable tips to increase your chances of getting accepted.

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Is becoming an OT worth it?

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a very rewarding profession. They help people of all ages who would typically struggle to perform normal daily activities. It’s challenging and impactful work that patients and their families greatly appreciate.

Do you need a PHD to be an OT?

Occupational therapists who currently practice with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in occupational therapy degree will not need a doctoral degree. They can continue to practice. After July 1, 2027, all new practicing OTs will require a doctor of occupational therapy degree.

Is a doctorate in occupational therapy worth it?

To answer the question directly – yes, it is! Evidence-based research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the employment of occupational therapists is projected to grow 16% from 2019 to 2029. In that period, an estimated 23,700 jobs are expected to open up!

What GPA do you need for OT school?

Most occupational therapy programs require a minimum cumulative and prerequisite GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Is occupational therapy a dying field?

Is Ota a dying field? OTA is a dying field. There are NO jobs. If you love OT and have some flexibility about getting a job maybe go ahead.

How much do OTS make?

Occupational Therapists made a median salary of $84,950 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent made $101,590 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $69,710.

Is PT harder than OT?

Historically, PT programs have been more difficult to get into than OT, but in the past few years the number of applicants to OT programs have literally grown exponentially.

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What is the highest paying field in occupational therapy?

According to the BLS, as of May 2020, the highest paying industries and their average salary for occupational therapists include:

  • Nursing care facilities: $92,260 per year.
  • Home healthcare services: $91,830 per year.
  • Hospitals: $86,910 per year.
  • Offices: $86,830 per year.
  • Elementary and secondary schools: $76,560 per year.

What is the easiest OT school to get into?

Let’s begin our list of 10 easiest occupational therapy schools to get into.

  • Western New Mexico, New Mexico.
  • Vincennes University, Indiana.
  • Community College of Baltimore County, Maryland.
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, Mississippi.
  • East Mississippi Community College, Mississippi.

Is occupational therapist in demand?

The demand for occupational therapists is rising, with job growth expected to increase 27% from 2014 through 2024, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. One reason demand is up in hospitals is that these facilities recognize that occupational therapy has a role in lowering readmission rates, she said.

Is occupational therapy a stressful job?

Being an occupational therapist can be stressful. Almost every setting has productivity requirements, with some settings less strict than others. So while you do get to provide meaningful treatments and help people achieve their goals, you do have to deal with the struggle of meeting your productivity on a daily basis.

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