What If My Visa Is In My Old Passport?

In the event that a valid visa contained within an expired passport is presented at an official Port of Entry, together with a valid passport or travel document, the visa is deemed to be valid.

How do I transfer my US visa to my new passport?

Visas for the United States are not transferable from one passport to another. You can go to the United States with both passports, or you can apply for a new visa if you want to visit the country. You are permitted to travel with both passports as long as the four names on the old passport and the new passport are identical and are in the same sequence as on the old passport.

Can I transfer my US visa from old passport to new passport?

Is it necessary for me to apply for a new visa in conjunction with my new passport? No. If your visa is still valid, you can go to the United States with both of your passports, as long as the visa is still valid, is not damaged, and is the right sort of visa necessary for your primary reason for visiting the country.

Is UK visa valid on Old passport?

When traveling to and from the United Kingdom, you can utilize the valid visa that is still in your expired passport. You’ll need to bring both your expired and new passports with you on your trip. You can also pick between the following options: If you are in the United Kingdom, you should update your visa with a biometric resident permit (the cost depends on your visa status)

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Is my US visa still valid if I get a new passport?

Your visa must be valid on the old passport that has expired in order to be accepted. It must be appropriate for the objective of the journey. In order to be valid, the visa on an expired passport must not be destroyed and be in excellent shape. Keep both of your passports with you at all times – the current, valid passport and the old, expired passport with a valid US visa.

Can I travel with my old and new passport?

Is it possible to travel with an old passport? In the event that you have applied for a new passport and that application is currently being processed, the old passport will be defiled by the passport officer by punching a hole in the front page of the old passport. Despite the fact that this passport has been returned, you will not be able to travel with it.

Can you travel with ILR in old passport?

In the event that your Leave To Remain is still valid and is still in your expired passport and has not been revoked, it will remain valid. I was under the impression that having Leave to Remain (particularly Indefinite Leave) meant you had to carry an ID card. Permanent Resident (ILR) is the term used in the United Kingdom to refer to the equivalent of a US Green Card.

Is my visa still valid?

To find out the status of your visa application in the United States, go to the following website: United States: For information on immigrant visas, call the National Visa Center (NVC) at 1-603-334-0700. Nonimmigrant visas can be obtained by calling 1-603-334-0888. Alternatively, you can use the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC).

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